Germany Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Here I have collected together all the manufacturers, producers and suppliers of Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws in Germany. Some unique German work-bike suppliers here. Germany have some innovative engineering solutions for freight and work bikes.

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Germany Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

AVD Utility Vehicles are a company based in Berlin, Germany producing "Advanced Human Powered Vehicles". AVD produce pedal-powered cars, vans, freight bikes and advertising trailer bikes. This a very comprehensive human-powered freight vehicle site. Check out "the van" which has a 180kg payload and 1.2 cubic metre load area. Lots of good information and photographs of the rickshaws, freight bikes and advertising bikes. The AVD website is available in English from the AVD homepage. AVD quadricycle specifications and prices are available, prices are in Euros.

Croozer Cargo Bikes are a bike manufacturer based in Germany. No English version of the website, so no review unfortunately, but here for your information.

Pedal Power Vertrieb GbR Berlin are a German manufacturer of tandems and workbikes and freight bicycles. In German.

Take2Move are a German based producer of work bikes and work tricycles. From Münzenberg, Germany Take2Move supply to Europe and Worldwide. Lots of work bikes and work trikes plus practical accessories to increase load-carrying capability and increase usefulness of the workbikes. Website and bicycle information available in English - YEAH!

Velocab are a German producer of rickshaws and pedicabs with a website in English. Velocab supply their work bikes worldwide. Prices are in euros and there are lots of photographs of the pedicabs and rickshaws showing examples of their many applications. Velocab rickshaws have a modular build which allow easy and rapid customisation. Velocab also lease and service the rickshaws and pedicabs they manufacture and supply.

VeloTaxi are a German pedicab transport company. Originating from Berlin, Germany VeloTaxi is now an international network of advrtising-focussed human powered transport. Pedicabs are branded with advertising and some of the world's top brands are on board... Sony, PUMA, Nike, Diesel, Langnese, MasterCard, T-Mobile, Esprit, and C&A to name just a few. Lots of photographs and corporate information on the VeloTaxi "CityCruisers" AND the website is available in English.

Weber Technik manufacture and supply bicycle trailers and carriers. A German based company. The range includes child carriers for bicycles, and trail and wilderness bike trailers suitable for mountain bikes. The Weber Technik website seems to be only available in the German language. Lots of photographs of the bicycle trailers showing applications.

Wulfhorst Special Cycles manufacture and supply specialist application bikes and tricycles from Gütersloh in Germany. Wulfhorst products include childrens tricycles, multi-person tricycles, sports tricycles, motor tricycles, freight trikes, bike trailers, promotion trikes and tricycle and bicycle accessories. The website is available in the English language and Wulfhorst frequently feature special offers and online deals for their tricycles. Access to the dealer network for Wolfhorst Special Cycles and Tricycles from the Wolfhorst homepage.

YUBA are a German manufacturer in Bonn, Germany, producing affordable mobility solutions particularly for customers with special needs. The YUBA feature product is the "Mundo Utility Bicycle" which offers scalable bicycle transportation for freight and passengers. The YUBA Mundo Utility Bicycle is available as a single speed, 6-speed and (to special order) 5-speed for freight. See the YUBA site for specifications and photographs. There is a particularly good information page at YUBA that describes what can be carried on utility bicycles and how. The YUBA site is viwable in English and there is a PDF brochure for immediate download that describes the bicycles and gives specifications.

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