Netherlands Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Here I have collected together all the manufacturers and suppliers of Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws in Holland. Some unique Dutch work-bike suppliers here. Holland is a good destination for the online work-bicycle or pedicab buyer. Holland has a plethora of suppliers including some very famous cycle suppliers. The Netherlands, being largely flat, has encouraged the development and use of bicycle suitable for moving freight, passengers and large loads - this is reflected in the quantity and quality of the freight cycle manufacturers in this listing.

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Netherlands Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Holland produces many classic freight bikes. Home to many innovative bicycle designs, you will also find sturdy and practical suppliers of cargo bikes and bike trailers and even a conference bike!

Azor Bikes is a Dutch manufacturer of freight bicycles. The Azor Bikes English website Dutch Bikes (there was something about that sentence that didn't quite seem right, but anyway) :-) has photographs and delivery details for traditional Dutch Bicycles and Work and Freight Bikes. Prices and delivery options are quoted.

Bakfiets CargoBikes manufacture load carrying bicycles and tricycles in Holland. There are standard and long versions of both the freight bike and the freight trike. The Cargo Bikes website has some useful information plus lots of photographs of the different kinds of workbikes. Contact Bakfiet Cargo Bikes for a list of their dealer network and suppliers of the Cargo Bike. It is also possible to hire Cargo Bikes from a Bakfiets dealer - might be a good idea to get a sense of whether this Dutch freight bike is right for you.

De Redding are a Dutch bicycle company that manufacture and distribute freight bicycle and pedicabs. Lots of excellent photographs of interesting and innovative pedicab designs but unfortunately no English version of the De Redding website but they still get listed so you can visit and see for yourself.

Eric Staller's Conference Bike is an incredible bicycle concept from this innovative Dutch company. The basic idea is that seven of you sit in a circle and pedal, one person steers and off you go! - eight people cycling as a group! The Conference Bike (CoBi 7) has been used for team-building excercises and as a way of getting around theme parks. If you are part of a group, or perhaps have a large family :-) - this could be the bike for you. Oh, any you can have any colour conference bike as long as it is red. :-)

Flevobike Technology are a Dutch company that produce a recumbent bicycle that can also be used to carry some freight.

Kid Car is a substantial childs carrier / stroller that can be towed behind a bicycle. The KidCar company is based in Holland.

Nijland Products supplies bicycles for the elderly, low-aspect bicycles, tricycles, electric tricycles, tandems, recumbent-tricycles for children and different models of the original Huisman delivery-tricycle. This Dutch company has an English version of its website which showcases the bicycle products with information on specification and accessories.

Radical Design is a Holland based company specialising in the production of top quality recumbent bags, bicycle trailers and dog packs. Radical Design produces the "Cyclone", an award winning bicycle trailer that converts very easily into a carry bag with the wheels attached or into a walking trolley / trailer. This is achieved by the cycle trailer having additional mounts for the wheels at the back of the trailer - what a good idea! There is also a flat-bed version of the Radical Design "Cyclone Bike Trailer".

tmannetje are based in the Netherlands and produce pedicabs, cargo and freight bikes, bike trailers and workbikes. website is in dutch with prices in euros. T'mannetje is worth a look 'round for the workbike photographs. Even has uni-cycles for sale.

Vrachtfiets is a new design of load-carrying cargo bike designed to haul heavy loads and to be pedalled by two people. The concept is the brainchild of two dutch students at Delft University of Technology. Although not available to the general public yet, the Vracht fiets cargo bike is being produced to special order for the city of Delft, Netherlands - with plans for future versions to be electric and solar powered. Visit the Vrachtfiets website (in dutch) for further information on this innovative cargo bike.

Workcycles are a Holland based transport bike, cargo trike and handmade Dutch city bike specialist. Workcycles produce a range of freight and work bikes and deliver to anywhere in the world. Workcycles develop their own models and also sell workbikes manufactured by Azor,, De Redding, Monark, Nijland, and Onderwater. The Work Cycles website is very well laid out, easy to navigate and has lots of great work bike photographs and information - just what I like.

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