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Lots of self-build bicycle trailer plans and projects listed here. The various self-build projects are based all around the world and include plans to build a bicycle trialer from bamboo and a project for building a utility bicycle trailer from an unwanted shopping trolley. Be inspired and enthused - one of the main themes that emerges from the self-build bike trailer pages featured here are that bike trailers can easily be made from re-cycled and readily available materials. Often, this just means looking at bicycles a little aslant. - a good thing!

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Solson Self-Build Bike Trailers

Building a bicycle trailer yourself can not only be very satisfying for the sense of achievement when you have a trailer that works, but also allows you to build a bike trailer that exactly matches your work needs. The pages here offer plans, hints and tips, instructions and examples of self-build bicycle trailer projects from all parts of the globe. Using materials as diverse as bamboo, steel, wood and scrap metal these pages will fire your imagination and hopefully, provide impetus for you to tackle a selfbuild bike trailer project yourself.

Bamboo Bicycle Trailer page has instructions and plans for building a no-weld, no-bend bamboo bicycle trailer. The bamboo bicycle trailer plans detail making the bike trailer from re-cycled materials with pinned joints and no welding or bending of the pipes. The bike trailer can be made from any tubular rod that is strong enough including bamboo, steel or even titanium. The resulting bicycle freight trailer is stiff and light and the width, length and strength is easily re-designed.

Bicycle Trailer from Scrap Metal shows how to easily convert a pile of scrap rubbish into a very practical load-carrying bicycle trailer. So if you want to see how an ironing board, a fold-up chair, a magazine rack, and some shelving are converted into a fine bike trailer, this is the page. (Link not working June 2010 -

Bicycle Utility Trailer has details including plans and diagrams to self-build a useful bike freight trailer. There is also a page detailing the building of a bigger bicycle trailer. The interesting aspect of this self-build cycle trailer design is that it uses no welding - all the parts are bolted together.

Community Bike Cart Design has the aim of designing a cheap and flexible bicycle trailer that is up to carrying the same freight payload as a car, and then freely distributing the bicycle trailer plans. Plans are available for two models of self-build bike trailer, the "deep and short" and the "flatsy". Both follow the ethos of a simple, low-cost home-made bike freight cart for car independence. Possible uses of the bicycle cart, once built include: grocery shoppinh, moving furniture, rubbish removal, deliveries, and more.

Cycle Circus has some images of self-built trailers and other human-powered vehicles.

Dime on the Dollar Bicycle Trailer has detailed plans and some images to build a substantial bicycle trailer. The author recommends using re-cycled materials from unwanted bicycles and claims to regularly tow very heavy freight loads.

International Bicycle Fund Cargo Trailer is a simple to build bicycle trailer from easily available materials. The International Bicycle Fund is an independent, non-profit organization which has the primary purpose to promote bicycle transportation. The plans for the bicycle trailer are available as a downloadable PDF file from the International Bicycle Fund site. There are very clear instructions for building the The International Bicycle Fund bike trailer and you gets lots of information to help you decide if this is the self-build bike trailer project for you - before you start! Note: This is a comprehensive human-powered vehicle resource and it is worth looking around, lots and lots of pedal-powered information.

Re-Cycle is a British based organisation that is committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport to less devolved countries. They have designed an easy to build cycle trailer that uses spare parts from un-wanted bicycles. There is a good PDF construction guide available at the Re-Cycle website. The Re-Cycle self-build cycle trailer mounts to the rear wheel and has been designed to carry heavy loads up to 100 kilograms (200 pounds). Re-Cycle are looking for volunteers and helpers, also bicycle donations.

Tonys Trailers Utility Trailer is a page with lots of photographs showing you how you can build a utility bicycle trailer out of a redundant shopping trolley. This shopping trolley bike trailer is built from all re-cycled parts and looks to be a good all round weight carrier.

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