United Kingdom Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Here I have collected together all the manufacturers and suppliers of Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws in the United Kingdom. Some unique UK work-bike and pedicab suppliers here. The United Kingdom has a long established tradition of manufacturing bicycles, and this is reflected in the freight bike and work bike websites featured here at Solson. There is some overlap so old established UK bicycle firms are also listed - can be useful for those hard to find bike spares. Also see the Bicycle Manufacturers and Suppliers page.

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United Kingdom Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Bikefix are in Central London and sell recumbents, tandems, bicycle trailers, folding bikes and of course, cargo and freight bikes. Freight bikes supplied include Brox, 8 Freight and One Less Car and there is a good choice of various manufacturers bicycle trailers including the BOB YAK. Details, specifications and prices are available at the Bikefix website. Be sure to check out the "special offers" page which sometimes has good second-hand freight bikes and bike trailers for sale.

BikeHod Bicycle Trailer are manufactured in the United Kingdom (Lewes, Sussex) by Bikes and Trailers. The Bike Hod is a versatile bicycle trailer that will fit any bicycle and can be adapted in various ways to carry different kinds of loads. The BikeHod can double as a shopping trolley / load carrier when off the bicycle and is easily fitted and removed from the bike using the BikeHod proprietary Walk-Hod Towarm (an optional accessory). There is a great page at the BikeHod site that gives a table of the number of times you handle your shopping using the BikeHod, or shopping by car - guess which is simplest?

Carry Freedom Bicycle Trailers based in the UK produce a range of bicycle trailers including a folding bike trailer, a y-frame bike trailer and a pet-carrying bicycle trailer. Carry Freedom are also able to design and supply custom and industrial bicycle freight and cargo trailers. Carry Freedom also provide plans for a unique self-build bamboo bicycle trailer.

Cycles Maximus - Pedicab Rickshaws and Cargo Tricycles produce high-capacity tricycles, rickshaws and pedicabs for a range of commercial applications. They have pedal powered and electric powered pedicabs. They also produce cargo trikes and custom flat-bed bicycle designs. Cycles Maximus are based in Bath, England. Many London bicycle taxis are currently using Cycles Maximus trikes as their pedicab of choice.

Mission Cycles is a UK based company that produce their own range of bicycle cargo trailers. The Mission Cycles trailers have a foldable arm and foldable sides which makes them very compact to store. There is also a low-loader single wheel bicycle trailer, good for trekking and expeditions.

Pashley Cycles are a long-established UK manufacturer of workbikes, freight bikes and tricycles. Pashley Cycles are based in Stratford-on-Avon and the company was established in 1926, so they have been around for a while and know what they are doing with bicycles. Their workbikes have been used for many years by the Royal Mail and the Pashley bikes have a reputation for ruggedness, load-carrying ability and reliability. Pashley Cycles are distributed via a network of bicycle dealers throughout the United Kingdom, check the Pashley website for the cycle dealer nearest to you.

Raleigh Cycles are another long-established British manufacturer of bicycles and bike accessories. Use the search facility at the Raleigh web pages to search for trailers.

Re-Cycle is a British based organisation that is committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport to less devolved countries. They have designed an easy to build cycle trailer that uses spare parts from un-wanted bicycles. There is a good PDF construction guide available at the Re-Cycle website. The Re-Cycle self-build cycle trailer mounts to the rear wheel and has been designed to carry heavy loads up to 100 kilograms (200 pounds). Re-Cycle are looking for volunteers and helpers, also bicycle donations.

Tartan Rickshaw Company is a Scottish based supplier of pedicabs, flat-bed trikes, ad trikes and cargo trikes. Option of electric power assist. The Tartan Rickshaw Company are based in Kinross, Scotland and can provide a business plan on request for operating and making a profit with a rickshaw or pedicab.

Velorbis is a British based supplier of work bicycles that produces a "Short John" and a "Long John" freight bicycle. The bicycles are hand-built in Sweden and offer a classic (and strong) solution to inner-city freight deliveries by bicycle.

Velorution is a bicycle shop and work-bike supplier based in Great Titchfield Street, just off Oxford Street in Central London. They supply all kinds of bikes but have a great catologue of work bikes and freight bikes. Velorution also sells accessories for freight bikes, trailers and add-ons. Velorution has an up-to-date blog and lots and lots of interesting bicycle related photographs and information - worth a visit.

Whitby Morrison manufacture ice-cream vehicles from their factory base in Crewe, Cheshire, England. Whitby Morrison supply worldwide. Products include motor vehicles (ice cream vans), ice cream trailers and ice cream kiosks and of course, ice cream tricycles. There are three different models of ice-cream trike; The Giovanni, The 1930s, and The Holdover and also a Whitby Morrison Hot Dog Tricycle. Lots of photographs and full specifications for each icecream worktrike.

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