USA Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Here I have collected together all the manufacturers and suppliers of Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws in the United States of America. The USA is a leader in innovative freight bicycle and bicycle trialer design, so there is lots of interest here. Lots and lots of reliable, worldwide work bicycle distributors here. Contact the US bicycle manufacturer direct for overseas shipping options for the bicycle and bike trailers.

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USA Workbikes, Freight Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Alternative Needs Transportation, or A.N.T., is a small shop run by Mike Flanigan and Betsy Eckel Scola in Holliston, MA. Alternative Needs Transportation is a manufacturer of hand-crafted commuter and work bikes. Baskets and racks are individually fitted to bike frames at time of order. Some useful load carrying baskets and racks at this site including flatbeds and D-Racks which make a good combination for a load-carrying freight bike.

Bicycle Revolution produce high-quality and heavy-duty bicycle trailers. Products useful for freight and workbikes include: a kit trailer, a golf trailer, a pet trailer and a kayak trailer. Some of these specialist bicycle trailers are not always available so check the Bicycle Revolution website for latest trailer products. The Bicycle Revolution flagship products are their shopper bike trailer and heavy-duty bike trailer which are always available. The Bicycle Revolution kit trailer is essentially a flat-bed bicycle trailer that could easily be adapted to a number of work and freight applications. Bicycle Revolution ship trailers worldwide.

Bikes at Work Inc manufacture several versions of their Cargo Bike Trailer, the biggest of which can carry a payload of 300 pounds. The Bikes at Work website is very informative and has examples and guides to the use of the cargo trailers. There are excellent online guides titled: "Hauling Cargo by Bike", "Cycling for Profit" and "Carfree Information". If you are thinking of purchasing a pedicab or going into business for yourself as a bike taxi driver the guide "Cycling for Profit" makes fascinating reading. All in all, Bikes at Work Inc is an excellent work-bikes producer with viable and useful freight bike products and lots of essential bike information. Their heavy-duty bicycle trailers are available in a range of lengths and able to cope with many different kinds and lengths of freight.

Bilenky Cycle Works produce custom-made steel touring bikes, tandems, freight bikes, rickshaws and pedicabs. Freight bikes and pedicabs are made to special order. There are good gallery photographs of Bilenky produced cargo bikes. From the main page go to Bilenky Models then scroll down the page for details of the Bilenky workbikes and to see detailed specs, frameset prices, and frame geometry for your freight bike of choice.

Blue Sky Cycle Carts are based in Oregon, USA and produce cargo carts, bike trailers for carrying children, pet trailers, and specially designed bicycle trailers for children with special needs. Carrying capacity of the cycle carts varies from 150 pounds to 200 pounds and the carts are modular with lots of accesories listed so it is easy to customise your work, people carrier, or freight cart for your own purposes. The Blue Sky Cycle Carts website is quite basic but all the information is there and there are good photographs of the various models of Blue Sky bike trailers.

BOB Trailers manufacture a low-center of gravity trailer for bikes known as the YAK. It attaches to the bicycles' rear axle ensuring a stable and easily towed weight carrier. BOB trailers are sold all aroung the world and the BOB trailer website has details of country specific retailers as well as online suppliers of the YAK trailer.

Burley Bike Trailers are based in the USA and manufacture bicycle trailers. Burley specialise in child trialers but they also have good touring and flatbed bike trailers. It is possible to purchase your bike trailer immediately online or from the Burley international network of bicycle dealers. There is a useful PDF available (from the Burley main page) for download, that compares the various forms of bicycle trailers and their capabilities. Burley also supply a full range of accessories, and additional parts for their bicycle trailers which allows the Burley bike trailers to be adapted for multiple uses.

Bykaboose Collapsable Bike Trailers are a USA based bicycle trailer designer and manufacturer. Bykaboose (I love that name) specialise in utility trailers that fold flat for transportation and storage, which makes them very practical where space is at a premium. Bykaboose Collapsable Bike Trailers are useful for city commuting, touring, camping, pet transport, water sports and any other time when you need that extra carrying capacity with your bike.

Cycle Techtonics LLC design and manufacture the Quik-Pak bicycle cargo trailers. Based in the USA they have a range of easy folding light-weight bicycle trailers.

Cycle Tote based in the USA manufacture and produce child bicycle trailers and buggies. There is a good range of bicycle trailers available for different uses and much of the emphasis of design is on safety and durability.

Equinox Trailers design and supply a range of human-powered trailers including specialist bicycle trailrs. Equinox Trailers have canoe and kayak bike trailers, child bike trailers, adult bike trailers, bicycle freight trailers, bicycle fishing trailers and even a well-designed bicycle surf-board trailer. Well worth a visit, Equinox Trailers make all kinds of trailers, not just for bikes and their designs are original and clearly geared to the practicalities of powering a trailer with human muscle. Equinox Trailers are based in the United States of America and are able to supply bicycle trailers worldwide.

Haley Tricycles Co is a Philadelphia based bicycle design and manufacturing company. Haley Tricycles produce urban cargo tricycles. Haley Tricycles Co trikes are built for transporting large, heavy, or numerous items around town quickly and efficiently. A feature of the Haley Tricycles Co freight bikes are that they use easily serviceable and upgradeable using standard bicycle components.

Human Powered Machines is a work bicycle manufacturer based in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Human Powered Machines was established in 1991 and primarily build load-carrying workbikes and cargo bikes. They have some very well-engineered work bike solutions and produce a heavy duty bicycle trailer that can carry loads of up to a quarter of a ton. Human Powered Machines also produce the Long Haul which is a heavy-duty load carrying bicycle based on the original Long John design.

International Surrey Company Ltd is a USA based company that produces four-wheeled passenger-carrying bicycles. There are lots of colourful photographs on the website and very interesting bicyle surrey designs that can carry up to eleven people. The International Surrey Company product would be great as a London pedicab.

Kool Stop is a USA based company that produces bicycles, tricycles, child carriers and bicycle trailers.

Lightfoot Cycles is a Montana, USA based company that produces a good range of workbikes and freight bikes including; recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes, four-wheelers, cargo trailers and a trailer trike that the passenger on the trailer can pedal. Lightfoot Cycles are also currently working on producing an all weather velomobile. I found the Lightfoot Cycle website very easy to use with clear ordering information and visible prices for all bicycle products. There is a very informative section titled "General Cycle Info" which has many useful articles. Quote from Lightfoot: "We specialize in Recumbent Bikes and Recumbent Trikes, with an emphasis on safety and real-world utility." I found the Lightfoot site informative and good to browse - lots of photographs and testimonials from happy owners of Lightfoots (or should that be lightfeet? :-))

Main Street Pedicabs Inc is a Colarado, UnitedStates of America based bicycle manufacturer that specialises in producing pedicabs, rickshaws and bicycle taxis. Pedicabs from Main Street can also be fitted with electric assist motors using the Heinzmann front-wheel hub motors - useful for getting up steep hills with a heavy load.

Mobilette produce the Mobilette Surrey Single Bench Quadricycle. A Surrey is a four-wheeled, canopy-covered cycle that usually seats two or four cyclists. The Mobilette Surrey's are available in various specifications and colours direct from Mobilette USA.

Mohawk Cycles offer a range of heavy-duty workbikes and tricycles. Viewing the Mohawk Cycles website you get the impression that you can have the workbikes in any colour so long as it is black! I'm sure that is not the case? The emphasis at Mohawk is on ruggedness and durability so perhaps it is so. Prices are displayed for all freight cycles and accessories.

Organic Engines produces human-powered vehicles and has a good range of pedicabs and freight bikes. Recumbents, tricycles, utility vehicles and tandems are all in the Organic Engines product list. It is also possible to purchase a kit of parts from Organic Engines for finishing yourself. Lots of photographs and information at the Organic Engines website. A United States of America bicycle company, based in Tallahassee, Florida.

Quadracycle Inc manufactures a family of 4-wheeled bikes. There are single rider sprint four-wheelers and a sport version as well as the more traditional 4-wheeled bikes for two or four passengers. Quadracycle Inc is based in Hamilton, IN. There is some information about the Quadracycle being used to earn a living as a pedicab.

Rhoades Car manufactures a 4 Wheel Cycle in different specifications suitable for various workbike applications. Good for freight bikes and pasenger transport, the Rhoades Car 4 Wheel Cycle can be factory fitted with numorous accessories including, freight boxes and carriers, canopies and luxurious seats.

Ridable Bicycle Replicas are based in Alameda, California, USA and make Old Fashioned Surry Type Pedicabs. The pedicabs are designed to be easily broken down for transport and storage. Several variations of pedicabs are available including a four-passenger bike. Ridable Bicycle Replicas also manufacture tandems, penny-farthings (boneshakers), recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes and hand-cranked bicycles.

Seair Dynamics, Inc. produce a range of Bicycle, Marine, & Adventure Products. Child carrier cycle trilaers, canoe and kayak bike trilers and all purpose cargo trailers are some of the products manufactured by this United States of America bicycle company.

Trail Caddy seems to be the product of a one-man cycle company that produces a unique bicycle triler for carrying camping gear into the wilderness. The Trail Caddy "can easily carry 300 pounds of gear". Lots of photos that show the trail caddy in acion, doing its job in the wilderness.

TrailerOn produce a practical bicycle trailer connector in multiple bright colours. The TRAILERON was designed to fit bicycles, golf pull carts, portable folding/luggage carts, garden carts, beach carts, and dollies. TrailerOn is designed to fit almost all bicycle makes and models. Trailer Ob connects to the bicycles seat-post. NOTE: TrailerON seems to be not producing bike products currently due to hurricane problems beyond their control.

Transport Cycling design and produce pedicabs, recumbents and trailers from their manufacturing base in San Francisco Bay, USA. Visit the Transport Cycling site if you are interested in quad pedicabs, recumbent work trikes, folding and standard recumbents, as well as, cargo and pet trailers. The company are justly proud of their zero emission vehicles and have a good recumbent FAQ and pedicab FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with useful information. The Phoenix Quad Pedicab, just one of the Transport Cycling bike products, offers professional transport of passengers and family.

Worksman Cycles design and produce industrial cycles, recreational cycles, special needs cycles, ice cream trycycles and food vending freight cycles. Worksman Cycles are an American cycle manufacturing company based in Ozone Park, New YUork, USA and were established in 1898 making them Americas oldest established bicycle manufacturer. Worksman Cycles has lots of useful workbike information, workbike photographs showing the bicycles use by customers, and pricing policy is explicit - prices in US dollars.

Xtracycle are based in Oakland, California, USA and produce a unique system that attaches to the rear hub of your bike. The attachment means the rear wheel is stretched out behind the seat and creates a big, stable platform for a load or a passenger. There is a free radical base kit available complete with all parts and chains to effect the conversion. Xtracycle also supply ready made full bikes that utilise the xtracycle system. These freight bikes are great for carrying heavy loads and attract lots of attention too.

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